Suggested Weekly Schedules

I am here to help you navigate the amount of content on the platform, and to help you choose what workout to do when. For those of you who need some extra guidance, I have curated suggested weekly workout routines for you to follow.

This seven day program is perfect for the SLFie who is just getting into, or back into, the swing of things. Most workouts in this program are bodyweight or use minimal equipment to encourage proper form, and the development of a strong mind-body connection. Get ready to learn, sweat, and push yourSLF to the next level.


For the SLFie who is familiar with the SLF Movement, has been in the fitness game for a while, and wants to step it up a notch. This 7 day program is guaranteed to challenge both your body and mind.


Designed for the SLF veteran looking for a challenging week. Someone who is ready to bring new meaning to strong, lean, and fierce.


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