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Hi, I'm Stacy.

In high school, I remember failing gym class and going to McDonald's every day for lunch. Had you asked me then where I could see myself in 15 years, I would have told you that I wanted to be a psychologist; I wanted to go for my PhD and open up my own practice. I did not envision myself doing anything else.


Flash forward a few years. Thanks to my mom (who thought working out together would be a great way to bond), I developed an intense passion for fitness while completing my undergraduate degree in psychology. I loved the way exercise made me feel, how it affected my mood and sleep for the better, how it made me want to eat healthier and, most of all, how in control I felt of my body and the way that I looked.


I began working out for myself, not only as a way of spending time with my mom.


Still on track to open that private practice as a psychologist, I started my master's degree in Child Psychology. I was able to maintain a steady workout regimen, and work a part-time job at a Montreal fitness studio.

The truth is, I got more satisfaction at the gym than I did at school: having that job changed everything:

I realized I was not happy in school.

I understood that there were other ways to "help people."


It made me realize that psychology was not my true calling, fitness was.

It made me question my future plans, something that scared me.


I took a leap of faith, dropped out of my master's degree and got certified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

12+ certifications and 13 years later, here we are. I can honestly say that I still love everything I do, if not more so than when I started!

The best part? I can now share it all with you.


I have never planned a class in my life!


Every class I give, every live I teach, every workout I film, I make up on the spot. For me, half the fun of teaching is being able to use my creativity to come up with unique sequences and design as I go!

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