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The Origin

My gym routine was sacred. Then COVID hit. After thirteen years of working as a personal trainer, I thought my clients and I would have to put our fitness goals on hold. I don’t need fancy gym equipment to stay in shape; I need motivation. When quarantine separated me from my fitness community, that motivation was hard to find.


A Netflix-binge or two later, I tried something new: I led a free home-workout class on instagram live. Turns out I wasn’t the only one trying to connect and stay fit. After a few streams, I received messages from people all around the world. Community came. Motivation followed.


I developed a Barre-inspired home fitness practice for my growing audience. Focusing on proper form and bodyweight resistance, these workouts are approachable for newbies and challenging for fitness junkies. To keep my practice accessible, I use countertops, chairs and towels as fitness accessories; creativity flourishes under constraint.


This all started as a way for me to stay sane during quarantine. It became a movement.


The SLF Movement

This movement combines the intensity of HIIT, strength training, and athletic conditioning with my love of Barre and Pilates. Put all of that together and we’re looking at some serious results.

SLF takes an inclusive approach to staying in shape. These high-intensity, low-impact routines are accessible to newcomers and seasoned vets alike. Wherever you are in the world, and wherever you are on your fitness journey.

No equipment? No problem. All of my workouts can be done using just your own body weight.


Limited on time? No excuses. The fitness library has workouts that range from 8 minutes to one-hour; there is something for everyone.

Want to take it to the next level? Add props. Light weights, ankle weights, gliders, mini bands, resistance bands, and a pilates ball are the pieces to own, but items found around your house will do the trick.



The SLF Movement is all about mastering form, strengthening your mind-body connection, and creating your own resistance.


Form is everything. A well-executed squat is worth more than one hundred sloppy ones. We’re going to master the basics and build from there.

Form looks good? Now we’re ready to develop a mind-body connection: actively thinking about the muscles you are recruiting and how to engage them properly. Being mindful of the body allows you to add intensity to any exercise. This is how you create your own resistance.


anywhere, anytime

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