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How does the 10 day free trial work?

Each membership option automatically includes 10 free days. After the 10 days are complete, your paid subscription will begin.


Will my membership automatically renew?



Can I cancel at any time?

I hope you don’t, but yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime


Do I need to use props?

No! The majority of my workouts can be done using just your own body weight. However, if you want to take your workout to the next level, I suggest incorporating the props when ever you can!


If I chose to use props, which do you recommend?

  • Mini Loop Bands

  • Long elastic resistance bands

  • Small pilates ball

  • Gliders

  • Light weights (1-3lbs)

  • Ankle Weights (1-3lbs)


I don’t have weights, what can I use instead?

  • Use water bottles or soup cans as light weights

  • Use wine bottles or laundry detergent as your heavy weights


I don’t have gliders, what can I use instead?

  • If you are working on a tile/wood floor with no shoes, wear socks

  • If you are working on tile/wood floor and are in running shoes, grab a washcloth or dish towel

  • If you are working on a carpet, a paper plate should do the trick


I don’t have a Pilates ball, what can i use instead?

  • Depends on the exercise, but, for many of the movements you can use a roll of toilet paper, a small pillow or stuffed animal, sports ball etc...


I don’t have mini bands, what can i use instead?

  • The most creative solution I have heard was using a headband or a sports bra!

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